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  • WWE & Bryan Danielson Keeping Things “Very Tight”

    Posted on August 16th, 2010 admin 4 comments

    We can now confirm that Bryan Danielson aka “Daniel Bryan” has told a few workout partners from the Couture Gym in Las Vegas that he was contacted by WWE on Thursday to make the SummerSlam event. While many think this entire storyline has been part of one big angle dating back to even the firing of Danielson being a work, others are pointing to the actual behind the scenes discussions as to whether John Cena should turn heel or HHH should make his return at SummerSlam. 

    We haven’t heard of anyone being reprimanded for the bizarre fact that WWE spoiled it’s own main event several minutes before Danielson was the big surprise, by posting on their own website a story supposedly designed to go “live on the internet” right after Danielson’s appearance on the pay per view. This has lead to some wrestlers that we spoke to tonight speculating WWE deliberately leaked the story. More on this as it develops.
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