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  • WWE Considers Lesnar Suspension Positive For WWE

    Posted on October 27th, 2010 admin No comments is reporting that WWE is considering Brock Lesnar’s medical suspension due to the deep cut he suffered under his eye in his loss of the UFC Title to Cain Velasquez as a positive in getting Lesnar on board for Wrestlemania in Atlanta.

    “That 180-day suspension keeps him out of the Octagon for just about six months,” a WWE source told us this evening, “and that means no matter when Dana White wants to put Lesnar up against Frank Mir, he has to wait until after the medical suspension is over. This means Lesnar wrestling Undertaker at Wrestlemania wouldn’t interfere with his UFC plans, unless he’s in training camp and looking to fight Frank Mir the first day after his medical suspension is over.”

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